gullbuy music review

November 9, 2004

Ellen Allien

title:: My Parade
label:: Bpitch Control

Things never really click on this rather short mix cd (clocking in at 50 minutes). It sounds like she's trying to join with the Paul Van Dyk crowd (and the 90s techno scene).

The My Parade DJ Mix cd probably seemed like a good concept. Take a bunch of Bpitch Control tracks and mix them in with some other "classics" that Ellen Allien loved.

Like An Atom Bomb

various artists
label:: Buzzola

With four other themed collections on the shelves, Buzzola is a new label following the lead set by Trikont in releasing themed compilations of old time music, put together with love.

Like An Atom Bomb collects songs recorded in the years after 1945. The styles of music vary from gospel to country to beat to bluegrass to blues to bebop.

Nervous Norvus

title:: Stone Age Woo
label:: Norton Records

Nervous Norvus was Jimmy Drake, a truck driver turned songwriter who became inspired by Oakland CA radio novelty show legend Red Blanchard.

In 1956 Vervous Norvus had a hit with a song called Transfusion. After 2 other singles for Dot Records, he released several more singles on small labels. this CD collects all of them along with many demos and acetates.

The Midnite Sound of The Milky Way

various artists
label:: Big Beat

Collected together from mostly unreleased material from the archive of the Midnite Sound recording studios in Danville, Illinois (200 miles from Chicago) by Alec Palao, this compilation serves to what the hayseeds of middle America might sound like when pounding out 1960s garage rock

The highlights are few on Midnite Sound Of The Milky Way but I still found this a fun compilation to dig into for the odd garage sounds.