gullbuy music review

May 6, 2003

  • Bangkok Impact

    title:: Traveller
    label:: Crème Organization

    The 'Traveller' record opens with the song traveller. It has a sound that sets the tone for the record. There are a small amount of treated vocals, a funky slap bass matching the tight bass/snare beat, synthetic strings and the sound of first wave disco linndrums.

    The CD version of this full length includes two bonus track not on the vinyl. Both are from the Masters of the Universe 12inch single.

  • Bobby Hughes Combination

    title:: Nhu Golden Era
    label:: Stereo Deluxe

    Nhu Golden Era is the long awaited followup to the Bobby Hughes Experience album Fusa Riot, and Espen Horne of Bergen, Norway has definitely topped that album, with a name change to the Bobby Hughes Combination and a more varied jazz-infused extravaganza.

    Released in 2002, the Bobby Hughes sound hasn't changed tremendously - it still includes that live funky jazz sound with a liberal dose of sampling that never impedes on the song structures. It is still the brand of funky jazz inspired sounds which brewed on Scandinavian jazz records from the seventies. Nhu Golden Era mixes a collection of fine instrumentals with a cellar groove, along with funkified vocal tracks and dreamy fusionesque vocals, all of which permeates to the root of the arrangements. You can tell that Espen Horne has put everything he's got into Nhu Golden Era to make it a killer album.

  • Crossover

    title:: Phostographt (Tiga's Revenge) b-w The Journey to Grob & Overexposure
    label:: International DeeJay Gigolo

    Phostographt is given the treatment as a shock guitar stomper, like a rock juggernaut built for an electronic generation. On the B-side are two new cuts. The Journey to Grob is a fast paced electronic song with vocals throughout. Over Exposure is a science fiction story with music below.

    A very strong 12inch that should bring Crossover lots of positive attention.

  • Kid & Khan

    title:: Goo Goo Muck b-w Talk Dirty
    label:: City Rockers

    The A-side is a cover of Ronnie Cook song Goo Goo Muck. The B-side is an original called Talk Dirty. Both songs have the dirty reverb laden picked guitar melodies that Kid Congo has always done so well, and similar electronics by Khan.

    While no one can touch The Cramps version of Goo Goo Muck, Kid Congo has more right than almost anyone to try - He played guitar on The Cramps version.

  • Neil & Iraiza

    title:: This Is Not A Love song b-w Oracle Noises
    label:: Ochre Records

    This Is Not a Love Song is not a cover of the PIL song. It is a short song with a foot tapping beat and a very upbeat feel, made even more solid by the vocal melody. There is a 60s sunshine pop to the song, a touch of layered background vocals, and a muted trumpet solo.

    Oracle Noises has chiming guitar harmonics, even more layered background vocals, and a touch of synthesizer used in a way that simulates nature sounds.

  • Pet Projects - The Brian Wilson Productions

    various artists
    label:: Ace Records

    The mystery of the Brian Wilson productions has finally been solved, thanks to the 23 track cd compilation Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions on Ace Records out of the UK. During the early enthusiastic days of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson did some outside production because of the abundance of ideas he had at the time, but also for fun and to help out his friends.

    Little known single sides by the likes of The Honeys, American Spring, Gary Usher, Glen Campbell, Sharon Marie, The Laughing Gravy (really Jan & Dean minus Jan in the late 60s), Paul Petersen, The Survivors, and Rachel & The Revolvers were all produced by Brian Wilson. While none of these productions were successful commercially, it definitely helps to paint a more well rounded picture of a man with so much to offer.

  • The Soft Pink Truth

    title:: PromoFunk
    label:: Soundslike

    The Soft Pink Truth is the San Francisco based sample-laden disco project of Drew Daniel of Matmos.

    The songs included on this 12inch were well chosen. The tracks are built on staccato beats in the same way that Akufen or many of the projects of Uwe Schmidt (Atom) are. Make Up is my favorite song on the 12inch. Blevin Blechum sings this song about being rushed to get ready to go out.