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'Phostographt' (Tiga's Revenge) b-w 'The Journey to Grob' & 'Overexposure'


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Crossover 12inch coverCrossover are Mark Ingram and Vanessa Tosti. The duo are part of a NYC sound that includes Linda Lamb, the Hungry Wives, and the many bands associated with the Electroclash scene Larry T christened.

Crossover's 'Fantasmo' LP was the first single artist full length to come out of this NYC movement. When it was released I thought the sound too derivative of Chicks On Speed (whom I love). Now that it is 2003 such nitpicking seems unimportant. Many bands share this sound. The question is, do they get it right?

On this 12inch Tiga helps Crossover get it exactly right with his mix of Phostographt, which originally appeared on 'Fantasmo.' At the time 'Fantasmo' came out, the major reason mention was made of Phostographt was because Vanessa sings the song in made up German. With this 12inch that becomes besides the point. Phostographt is given the treatment as a shock guitar stomper, like a rock juggernaut built for an electronic generation.

On the B-side are two new cuts. The Journey to Gröb is a fast paced electronic song with vocals throughout. If this is the level of quality in maintained in Crossover's new material, we have some tasty music to look forward to.

Over Exposure is a science fiction story with music below. Vanessa (as Lady Verona Woode) and Mark (as Desmond Young Blackmore 1st) entertain by playing the characters as if we are listening to an old fashioned radio show. The story itself reminds me of John Varley's Gaean trilogy (Titan, Wizard, and Demon) - SF dressed up as fantasy. The Gaean trilogy tells of the struggle between a god-like and increasingly mad intelligence that controls or is a spaceship-world and a human who has come to live in it. The plot of Over Exposure is along the same lines. You may not want to play this song often, but it is enjoyable when listened to the first time. Besides, who else is recording stuff like this anyway?

A very strong 12inch that should bring Crossover lots of positive attention.

---Carl, May 6, 2003