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Bangkok Impact CD coverBangkok Impact is Sami Liuski from northern Finland. 'Traveller' is his first full length record, following several 12inch singles.

Sami's first release was a 12inch under the names 8 Bit Rockers. The Crème Organization Web site claims that the label was started to release Sami's music after hearing the 8 Bit Rockers demo. My favorite Crème Organization 12inch is another Sami project, Lolita Strap.

Lolita Strap had a song called Product on that 12inch which sounds like ADULT.. Product appears on the recent Nettwerk America compilation 'Electro Kills.'

  1. The 'Traveller' record opens with the song Traveller. It has a sound that sets the tone for the record. There are a small amount of treated vocals saying "in outer space," a funky slap bass matching the tight bass/snare beat, synthetic strings and the sound of first wave disco linndrums. On paper it sounds like the recipe for something to avoid, but in reality it sounds great. If you like any of the projects of Antonelli Electr. you are already a fan and don't even know it.
  2. Aus Birgettes Teagebuch has great music, but becomes a little annoying after repeated listening, with the sole lyric "aus Birgettes teagebuch" (Brigette's diary) repeated over and over. But music wise, this song is very fine. Maybe the song would be more likeable if I knew why Brigette's diary is the object of such devotion.
  3. Don't Be a Badboy is one of my favorite tracks on 'Traveller.' It has a quick beat and a rapid pulsing synth. The verses of the vocal are treated with vocoder, talking about desire and self satisfying ones self "I want to touch myself while looking at you." Then the kinky chorus starts in with male and female duel voices saying "don't be a badboy, you just can't touch me. Don't be a badboy, or else I'll make you bleed." We have many electro songs giving the point of view of highly sexed woman like Peaches, Miss Kittin, or Avenue D. Don't Be a Badboy gives the seldom heard point of view of a young man with desire but no means or confidence to carry out his wishes. It captures the conflicts such a person would surely feel.
  4. Crowdpleaser is not one of my faves. To me it lacks distinction. It sounds like many other electro tracks I have heard. there are vocoder vocals throughout.
  5. Masters of the Universe pt. 1 is part of the massive song that was the A-side of a Crème Organization 12inch. It truly is an anthem to He-Man from the 80s TV cartoon Masters of the Universe. The music is as solid as the wall a runner hits upon losing her breath. The vocals are treated by vocoder. I'm not crazy for the vocals, but I really love the music.
  6. Leap to the Unknown is an instrumental with an X-Files or Dr. Who sounding synth line and a Joy Division Closer styled synth harpsichord countermelody. The feeling of the track is foggy and mysterious, like Roy Budd's Get Carter soundtrack.
  7. Give It To Me has a really nice hook with the jazzy guitar chord that fades in with electronic trickery. The vocals are quite oddball on this one. Sami seems like he is pulling a Bobby Conn funk falsetto crossed with Alan Vega (Suicide) yelps. It is quite a contrast to the smooth jazzy feel of the music.
  8. Logarhytmic is an instrumental with a strong beat and a light hand dancing on the bass synth keys. It is a confident song that does not overstay its welcome.
  9. Passenger is an instrumental that does not leave any particular impression on me. there is nothing wrong with it, i just don't come away from it with any particular feeling.
  10. Rymdfunk in an instrumental with a nice synth/drumbeat thing going, and a lot of interesting embellishments. Their are moments that the riff reminds me of A Rocket in Dub. A wordless vocal adds to the party song feel of the track. A favorite, though I'm not crazy for the fusion sounding keyboard solo.
  11. Traveller pt. 2 is based on the same idea as the opening track Traveller, but it has a completely different feel. The pulse of the synth is much faster.
  12. The CD version of this full length includes two bonus track not on the vinyl. Both are from the Masters of the Universe 12inch single. The short instrumental version of Madonna's Like a Virgin is not brought over from the 12inch, but the cover is not anything amazing anyway. The first of the bonus tracks is Black Zoo. It is a knocker, and I am glad they included it here. Black Zoo is an instrumental with a strong melody which connects to the beat like tendon to a bone.
  13. Slot Cars reminds me of David Carretta, meaning it is an instrumental with pulsing synth in an Italodisco fashion.

I really looked forward to this record. I connect easily to the sound that Bangkok Impact make. I don't think that this record is full stop amazing, but I enjoy listening to it all the way through.

---Carl, May 6, 2003