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Mission Three - Establishing Electronix Network


Mission Three - Establishing Electronix Network


Nature Records

various artists CD

Mission ThreeA varied compilation from Marco Passarani's Nature Recordings out of Italy includes a Desert Island's choice of electronic music. Mostly these tracks are of the highly calibered electro- brand, and includes artists from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the UK and the USA including Jolly Music , Adult., Monomorph, Marco Passarani, Mat101, Takeshi Muto, Scarcubem and Geiom.

1. keen k - teknik orange
**an electro Kraftwerk styled tune**

2. ambit3 - dropped
**a dreamy but upbeat track from a new band from Rome**

3. scarcubem - bk5-2
**echoed electronics reminding me of the early 90s mixed with Factory-styled vocals**

4. j's pool - cry baby
**the modern Brian Eno sound - as in Nerve Net and beyond**

5. disturbot - into the factory
**modulated distorted vocals and a hard rhythm**

6. jolly music - minimoog dreaming
**as implied a Tangerine Dream sound on a minimoog mixed with
sublime house disco - working fabulously**

7. amptek - mass communication
**a juice-fried rhythm broken into bits for glitchy-ness awards added to some Fax-styled keyboardisms**

8. takeshi muto - mica labia
**harks back to the Morton Subotnick sound of '67 while updating that sound with harsh rhythms**

9. prodamkey - purple beat
**breakbeat with a purple beat = Prefuse 73 styled fun**

10. monomorph - edalb
**a morphed breakbeat sound bringing us full-circle..... eventually**

11. geiom - edech
**velvet synths mixed with some harsh rhythms combine the feel of wet rain with the cracking of tree trunks**

12. adult. - money
**the band Adult. do Adult.**

13. mat101 - dirty
**breakbeats mixed with Autechre/Prefuse 73 rhythms/vocal samples**

14. marco passarani - white chocolate
**a live track by Nature Recordings founding mind - rolling rhythms and techy bassness-multi-levied synched up**

---Patrick Rands, September 24, 2002