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The Buff Medways


Tribute to The Daggermen


Sympathy For The Record Industry


Buff MedwaysThe 3 track 7inch is another arrow shot into doubters backs.

Billy Childish has not disappeared or gone stale. His new band The Buff Medways are putting out great singles one after the other. One More Letter and Every Moment are covers of The Daggermen, a Blues/R n' B band that I've often seen cited as an influence in garage band's blurbs.

The single closes with a killer cover of The Who song Ivor that is the winner amongst three winners on this 7inch. I love it! If you loved the way The Buff Medways treated Hendrix on their first single you will love the way they treat The Who on this. Completely respectful, completely great. Buy now.

---Carl, February 26, 2002