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February 26, 2002

  • The Dirty Sweets

    The Dirty Sweets

    CD / Bubblegum Damaged / Rip Off Records

    Debut album from Austin punkers. Fast and dirty, catchy and simple -- just like you'd expect from Rip Off -- with a foxy ass-kicker for a lead singer.
    [read more] ---Peter

  • The Electric Eels

    The Electric Eels

    CD / The Eyeball of Hell / Scat Records

    At a time when the most abrasive music is being made on tiny machines, reexperiencing the jarring, aural nihilism of the Electric Eels is a jolt to everyday perceptions of both 'punk rock' and 'rock n' roll.'
    [read more] ---Donny

  • ReproductionTravelogue

    The Human League

    CD / Reproduction, and Travelogue / Virgin

    There was a time, long ago, before the huge successes (and eventual commercial obsolescence) that the Human League were truly great. Before the addition of two female backup singers, before their breakthrough album, Dare!, the League was a lyrically confounding and musically astounding electro art rock ensemble.
    [read more] ---Commodore Vic

  • Scott 4 and Magic Car

    Scott 4 & Magic Car

    CD / European Punks LP / Tiny Dog

    This LP is the first thing Scott 4 have released in several years. They have teamed up with English folk band Magic Car for a collaborative effort. The result is much mellower than Scott 4 had been in the past, but will be pleasing to fans of Tindersticks.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Toyo Compilation

    The Structure Of Scientific Misconceptions - The System Of Scientific Misconstructions

    CD / various / Toyo Records

    Crossing from ambient-trance/sampling to Le Tigre-esque fem punk, 'The Structure of Scientific Misconceptions - The System of Scientific Misconstructions,' gives me a good brain feed. With sympathetic vibrations touching all corners of my skull, my musical adventure is complete.
    [read more] ---Brendan

  • The Buff Medways

    The Buff Medways

    7inch / Tribute to The Daggermen / Sympathy For The Record Industry

    The 3 track 7inch is another arrow shot into doubters backs. Billy Childish has not disappeared or gone stale. His new band The Buff Medways are putting out great singles one after the other.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Creme Blush

    Creme Blush

    CD / New York / Industrial Strength

    This 6-track EP from a female-fronted New York new-wavey combo reminds me of My Favorite or a lo-fi Book of Love.
    [read more] ---Peter

  • The Dave Pike Set

    The Dave Pike Set

    CD / Album / MPS Records (Japan)

    The Dave Pike Set cd Album from 1971 (presented here as a Japanese CD reissue) is one of the albums vibist extraordinaire Dave Pike recorded while on a stint in Germany in the late 60s/early 70s on the excellant jazz label MPS.
    [read more] ---Patrick

  • The Psychedelic Experience

    The Psychedelic Experience Volume 1

    CD / various / Mystic

    Out of the 23 tracks here, in total 12 tracks are crucial in my mind.
    [read more] ---Patrick

  • vs. Kitty-Yo

    vs Kitty-Yo

    CD / various / Quatermass

    Vs Kitty-Yo has ten tracks - five original songs from the Kitty-Yo catalogue and five remixes. The best track is the first: Add N to (X) remix the Gonzales track 'Higher Than You'.
    [read more] ---Carl