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February 1, 2005

Stiv Bators

title:: LA Confidential
label:: Bomp

LA Confidential is a new reissue of Stiv's LA, LA album, with a rearranged track listing and a bunch of bonus tracks. It comes off way better than Bomp's reissue of his Disconnected album.

If you have been curious about what Stiv Bators did after Dead Boys and before Lords of the New Church, pick up this disc and leave Disconnected in the store.

Brian Bennett - Aim High

title:: Aim High: Brian Bennett at KPM 1973-1976
label:: RPM

This disc is Volume 8 in the Mood Mosaic series. Aim High brings us the KPM library music collection of Brian Bennett, the drummer from the famous UK group The Shadows.

It's like the lost soundtrack to the Streets of San Francisco or that missing CHiPs episode that you've been trying to find but had been elusive everywhere except your mind.

Headman - Dance Modern

various artists
label:: Eskimo Recordings

A mixed compilation put together by Swiss artist Headman for the Belgian label Eskimo Recordings.

Headman has been a consistently interesting artist, and Eskimo has been a 100% fine label. This set of tracks is not as immediate or distinctive as I had hoped, but the tracks have a certain synchronicity that makes them work as a set.


title:: Horses
label:: Rev-Ola

Rev-Ola has been digging into the vaults of White Whale Records with their Phantom Jukebox series (In The Garden and Out of Nowhere, The White Whale Story Volumes one and two) and with full length albums by the likes of Nino & April.

As the folks keep digging into the vaults, they keep unearthing more obscure gems, and I don't think you can get more obscure than the White Whale album by Horses.

Out of Nowhere - The White Whale Story, Volume 2

various artists
label:: Rev-Ola

Out of Nowhere leaves other white whale compilations in the dust by including dusted off rarities and some true unreleased gems.

No longer needing to rely on The Turtles (who were White Whale's biggest group), Rev-Ola has truly dug into the vaults for an incredible compilation.