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Peter Principle






Peter Principle CD coverPeter Principle is the bass player of Tuxedomoon. His real name is Peter Dachert.

It is his first new material in 15 years and it is a great record. The sound starts with a Martin Denny Exotica feel, but launches into a Sofa Surfer experimental feel that makes it quite interesting and unique. There are no vocals on the tracks.

Idyllatry is his fourth solo album, following

  • Sedimental Journey (1985)
  • Tone Poems (1988)
  • Conjunction (1990)

The record starts off with Emotions, a short (2:54) tropical track that would fit in any Tiki bar, though there is a touch of Carnival Of Souls otherworldliness to it.

Scissors Cut Paper jumps the record straight into "wow" territory. You think it is another exotica track like the first one, but then it goes into different directions, including the sound of glass breaking as a rhythm.

Tunguska does not have any exotica touches. It starts off with a squealing guitar like in the middle of Cream's Layla. We might compare the sound more to The Ex than Austria's Sofa Surfers.

This record caught me by surprise. Each time I listen to it I find another part I hadn't noticed. All of the disc is well put together and very enjoyable. I can recommend this to you without reservation.

---Carl, November 29, 2005