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Luomo CD coverLuomo is the microhouse identity of Finnish electronic music artist Vladislav Delay.

Vocalcity was the first Luomo record. It originally came out in May 2000. The label it was on (Force Tracks) went out of business. For the first time in several years the album is available again on Vladislav Delay's own label, Huume Records.

Vocalcity set the footprint for the digital disco sound, chronicled on 2 volumes of Digital disco released on Force Inc. The CD consists of 6 long songs. Each song is filled with solid rhythms formed with a heavy disco aesthetic. There are vocals on the tracks, though sometimes it takes many minutes for them to start.

Synkro is a fave of mine. As Vladislav Delay's vocal repeats The way you move and I've got to keep on moving with you, you realize it is a sexual track talking about sensual rhythms, just like original disco tracks did in the late 70s.

The albums hit, Tessio, has male and female vocals, and is an exploration of the dynamics in a relationship. This song was featured on both Luomo records (Vocalcity and the more recent Present Lover), as well as being released in 12inch form twice - once for each LP. Tessio deserves such treatment - it is a great song. It is probably the track which will forever immortalize Luomo in people's minds.

Even after the brilliance of Synkro and Tessio, the rest of the album is no slouch. The record posses the rare quality of working at several different levels. It is hypnotizing even as it energizes, which almost seems like a contradiction. If you have heard the second record and were not particularly moved, you need to hear this disc. Vocalcity is a full length that works as a unit, and just doesn't seem to feel the effects of time.

---Carl, November 29, 2005