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Markus Güntner


Forget Sandra




Markus GuntnerFour slices of modern electronic tech-house on one of the finest labels for the sound, by a man who has been responsible for many fine moments of sound.

Ware is a label from Cologne run by Matthias Schaffhäuser. I own 2 compilations on Ware (Warenkorb #3 and Warenkorb #4) and enjoy them greatly. I was thrilled when I saw this 12inch, and even happier when I heard it.

Many 12inch singles have one great cut fleshed out by another less grandiose track, or several mixes not as good as the original. Forget Sandra has four top quality tracks, each with their own character.

Forget Sandra is an EP that features a very modernized cover of the 1983 Talk Talk song Such a Shame.Such a Shame was written by Mark Hollis, and originally appeared on Talk Talk's It's My Life LP. Apparently the title of the EP refers to the fact that an 80s German pop artist Sandra (who Markus Guntner liked) covered Such A Shame back then. Dana Grey sings on this new version so we can 'forget Sandra.'

Always Sometimes, Operating System, and Direct Sunshine are all instrumentals. Cologne has a reputation as the center of minimal house and the highly successful Kompakt label.

Markus Guntner (or Guentner) makes music with a 4/4 beat that is busy and very active. The songs on this 12inch could remind you of recently reviewed gullbuy artists Borneo & Sporenburg or Closer Musik. All good!

---Carl, September 24, 2002