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Trash Palace






Trash Palace CD coverTrash Palace (they spell it Trash*Palace) is a club night in Paris. The night takes place at different clubs in Paris. Organizer Dmitri Tikovi created a band with the same name as the night.

Trash Palace (the band) uses the talents of many people Dmitri came to know through the club. The sound is basically rock with an electro finish. Every song has lyrics which concern sex. Some of the record works, some doesn't.

  1. 'Positions' starts off with Sex On the Beach. This song is definitely my favorite. Like all the songs but two (a Velvets cover and a Gainsbourg cover) Sex On the Beach is a Dmitri Tikovi original. There are no guests on the track, and none are needed. Everything is spot on perfect as it is. Dmitri's treated voice is not overbearing, and the music is high energy and well put together.
  2. Bad Girl Has vocals by Lian Warmington. She is a member of the industrial band Pig. I don't like this song, with its alternative rock feel. It has a big guitar sound in the chorus that reminds me of what I imagine bands like Foo Fighters to sound like if Christina Aguilera sang for them.
  3. The Metric System is the single from 'Positions.' The song features Brian Molko of Placebo on vocals. The song is about someone who sell their frozen semen for artificial insemination. An electronic voice straight out of Larry T's Supermodel Inc. says "good work if you can get it" before Brian Molko spins his seedy yarn. The single has remixes by Fat Truckers and Le Vibrator. The vinyl version of 'Positions' has the Le Vibrator track as a bonus cut. The CD does not. The Metric System is an OK song, but I wouldn't have chosen it as the single. It has a very 'electroclash by the numbers' feel to it. I would have released Sex On The Beach or Your Sweet Love as the single.
  4. Your Sweet Love features Alison Shaw of The Cranes on vocals. It has a great sound, and Alison's little girl voice fits well. She sounds like a more innocent Hanayo. Any Cranes fans will feel pleased if they buy 'Positions' just for this song. Her voice is multi-tracked so that she does her own harmonies during some of the songs parts. At these times I could picture a singing Sanrio Flash animation. But that is not a mockery - this song is really quite good.
  5. Venus In Furs is the Velvet Underground cover, a natural for a sex theme record. There are several guests on this one. Someone named Cozette sings. Dave Loughlin plays guitar, and Alice Wolf plays viola. The cover is competent, but doesn't really add anything to the to the original. It is a cover version in the strictest sense of the word.
  6. Maculée Conception has Jean-Louis Murat & Harriet Roberts singing. Harriet Roberts says "Oh daddy sugar I don't know what's come over me" while Jean-Louis Murat talks in French. I guess it is a tale of lust between people of different ages. Even though Harriet Roberts sings in a Christina Aguilera voice I was still interested (you can thank 2 many dj's for that). But when Jean-Louis Murat starts singing in a Bono-like voice, the song loses me.
  7. The Insult is a five and a half minute tale of sexual conquest narrated by John Cale, sounding like a regal vampire. It is moderately interesting, and never outright obscene. The music is trip-hop, and there is a sound that sounds like a monster breathing mixed in with the beat.
  8. Animal Magic is the first of two instrumentals. The synth sound is dirty in an almost T. Raumschmiere way, but the construction of the track is very rock. The main thing that kills the track for me is the metal sounding drummer.
  9. Mary is the erotic tale of a phone sex girl, played by Luna James. She takes the Ooohs and Aaahs to new artificial heights. The content of the lyric is cliche-ridden, but the song somehow works and is fairly interesting in a sleazy electroclash way.
  10. Insatiable is another song with Lian Warmington on vocals. My ctiticism of the track is the same as on Bad Girl. There is nothing overtly wrong here - it is just not my thing.
  11. Je t'aime, Moi Non Plus is a version of the Serge Gainsbourg song, with Brian Molko and Asia Argento (daughter of Italian horror king Dario Argento) as the sex crossed lovers. Like the Velvets cover earlier on the disc, the treatment of the song is competent, but adds nothing new or distinct.
  12. 'Positions' ends with X Dummy, an instrumental. The track is driving in the same way as the album opener Sex On the Beach, but it is not anything our ears haven't heard many times performed by hungrier bands than this.

Trash Palace 'Positions' has a contrived feel to it. It feels like it was made for the performers, not for the listeners. I would love to go to one of the Trash Palace nights in Paris. I love the idea of what they are doing, i just could pass on the results, with the exception of the album opener and the Alison Shaw song.

---Carl, May 13, 2003