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Tim Buktu


Infant Coversongs Of Yr. Temporary Eternity


Bpitch Control


Tim BuktuA very interesting and varied 12". Tim Buktu is a 22 year old Berliner whose music could be described as indietronics. His 12" is unlike other Bpitch Control records because of its short songs and lack of 4/4 beat.

The six song 12" opens up with "Don't Need", a track which would be my favorite if it went on longer than its 1:15 length. It collages answering messages and static with electronic sounds. The second cut "S.Lo. (Make Me Up)" is my favorite track. It has a vocal that reminds me of New Order along with nice electronics and a clattering beat. The next song in an instrumental. "Immer Dabe!" has an upfront guitar part that collides with static at one part of the song, along with the same type of lo-fi electronic drums as the song before.

On the B-side, "Spater" is an instrumental that has an Isan feel, particularly with the bell like tones. "Alles Was Du Willst" is my fave track on the B-side. Along with "S.Lo. (Make Me Up)" it has the most typically Bpitch Control sound, though it has more of an electronica rather than dancefloor feel. "Find Me In The Outskirts" is the most far out of the tracks. It reminds me of World Standard, the current project of Sohichiro Suzuki (one of the founders of Japan's Yellow Magic Orchestra). The principal instrument on the track is banjo. The banjo is backed by slight electronics.

This 12" has a lot to offer. Those who love all the output of this distinctive record label from Berlin will enjoy Tim Buktu, but those who have had little use for the crisp electro Bpitch Control usually offers may find that this 12" appeals to them greatly.

---Carl, December 18, 2001