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RamonenturesMasterminded by Mel Bergman (ex-Phantom Surfers), the Ramonetures self-titled debut was (as you might be able to guess by the group's name) instrumental covers of Ramones songs done in the style of The Ventures.

As much as I enjoyed that album, I wondered how far they could take the joke. Further than I thought, apparently. Fortunately, rather than continue to focus on the boys from Forest Hills, Queens, they've lined up seminal L.A. punk band X in their sights. And just to make sure the job gets done right, they've enlisted X's own Billy Zoom (guitar) and DJ Bonebrake (drums) to help out. It can be a bit odd at times, hearing the guitar parts sounding exactly like the original records, but there is some great stuff here!

"Motel Room in My Bed" rocks, "Shadowlight" is X's "Sugarlight" with a Shadows-esque guitar part -- also great, "Blue Spark" is done half speed and is, well... the word "sultry" comes to mind. "The Unheard Music" features DJ Bonebrake on vibes, "Beyond and Back" has more hip-swing to it than the original, and guess what '60s dance style (complete with honkin' sax) "Year One Twist!" is done in? My personal favorite track, however is "Adult Books," which features Billy Zoom on FLUTE and is gorgeously mellow easy listening.

---Peter, December 18, 2001