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Station 17+


Station 17+


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Image: Station 17Station 17 is a Hamburg based band (which I had never heard of) who have released 4 LPs.

On this double LP 16 songs written by Station 17 get remixed by 14 different German electronic artists, with the whole package brought to a high gloss with Stefan Betke mastering.

The biggest name on side A is Kreidler.
Denyo 77, Automatique, and The Modernist feat. Marley Thelen also have mixes on side A.

My fave artist on side B is Andreas Dorau, who teamed up with Justus Kohncke for his mix.

Antonelli Electr. (teamed up with Der Plan's Pyrolator) are the other 'big' name on side B, which also includes mixes by Cosmic DJ and DJ Koze.

Side C has 2 big names: Pole and by Thomas Fehlmann. Also on side C is Tobi Tobsen and Steve Bug.

Side D has To Rococo Rot, Barbara Morgenstern, FM Einheit and another Thomas Fehlmann mix.

There are many different kinds of sounds on this LP. Tobi Tobsen's remix sounds like electronic Afro-beat, complete with tribal vocal. In fact, most of the songs have vocals. It is odd hearing To Rococo Rot and Pole do songs with vocals, but it works.

This is not your typical remix project. Having never heard the original songs I cannot comment on what has been done to them, but all the tracks on this set held my interest and had variety between them.

---Carl, October 16, 2001