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Gommagang Start


Gommagang Start


Gomma Records

various artists 2xCD

Gommagang Start CD coverGommagang Start compiles the years 1998 through 2002 on the German label Gomma Records.

The first CD contains the discopunk side of Gomma and the second CD has the mood music side of Gomma.

A few of the tracks on the first disc will be familiar to fans of other similar compilations. Syrup's version of Sexual Harassment's If I Gave You A Party appears on both Gomma's Anti NY and Plant Record's The Sound of Young New York. Ilk Steigner's Latinboogie appears on Eskimo Recording's Eskimo Vol. 4.

Gomma sometimes flirts with hip hop, as on the Mask-Men track Showpony. But the sound that Gomma most effectively transmits is the sound of heavy bass and rhythm. Anyone who enjoyed Trevor Jackson's Playgroup will find a lot to like here.

Currently I enjoy the tracks on disc 2 best because they seem to flow into each other well. If you didn't know it, you might think they were by a single artist. My favorite track on the comp is from disc 2. Munk's Music is a track from 1998 that was previously featured on the Gomma website only. The track uses Madonna's Music as one of its ingredients, though it is not really based on her song.

Gommagang Start shows a side of Gomma I wasn't so familiar with (the more chilled sounds of disc 2) which I found very enjoyable. For me, disc 1 was not so crucial because I already knew many of the tracks. If you have never heard any of the stuff on this disc, the whole package should prove pretty pleasing.

---Carl, January 4, 2005