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November 15, 2005

DMX Krew

title:: Wave:CD
label:: Rephlex

Edward Upton is an English electro artist who has been recording as DMX Krew for almost a decade.

Wave:CD is a two CD set - the first disc is the new record, the second disc has slightly reworked versions of 13 tracks from the DMX Krew catalog.

Eternity's Children

title:: Timeless
label:: Rev-Ola

Eternity's Children had previously worked with Keith Olsen and Curt Boettcher. After brief stints releasing a single on the small Apollo label, a single on A&M and an album for the Tower label, they turned to Gary Paxton to produce their second album.

Eternity's Children basically existed as two entities, and it was the second lineup that recorded the second album, Timeless. This album for some reason was originally only released in Canada.

Free Design

title:: One By One
label:: Light in the Attic

Free Design's 6th and final album recorded for the Project 3 label in 1971 can be seen on many different levels. First and foremost, it's a harmony folk pop gem, with the siblings' vocals joining together to create a blissed out harmony tour de force.

On another level, it's a hippie-fied answer to all that was wrong in the world, including the lack of success for the band.

New Rose Story 1980 - 2000

various artists
label:: Last Call

This mammoth 4 CD set chronicles the French label New Rose, started in 1980 by Patrick Mathé and Louis Thévenon.

There are many tracks that you have never heard and will be glad to hear, as well as some tracks you surely will know, especially if you were a fan of the label.

Now is the Winter of our Discount Tents

various artists
label:: Twisted Nerve

The first in a promised series of CD compilations to come, Discount Tents is comprised of vinyl releases from T. N.'s catalogue from the past 18 months. Loving compiled and "currated" by the label owners with unapologetic confidence in their bands and the sounds they bring forth.

Although this is not the "next new thing" or the ground-breaking new sound we all desire to bring a fresh new revolution to the musical underground, you are guaranteed some fine and interesting songs to cozy up to and enjoy.