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Modey Lemon


Predator EP


BirdMan Records


Modey Lemon CD5 coverCould it be that I'm burned out on flailingly primitive rock? Nahhhh.... I think it's just that things have reached the point where there are too many bands using the same formula, trying to cash in on what has inadvertently become a trend.

It's only natural that while some bands will continue to create brilliant shake-your-ass records, the rest will merely contribute landfill fodder--or stuff for commercial radio to play.

Pittsburgh's Modey Lemon try to stand out from the pack by adding cheap-o Radio Shack synthesizers to the guitar-guitar-drums formula but fail--the material just isn't strong enough. (And please don't get me started in on how this band is only "pretend primitive." But it is.)

Predator calls to mind a half-assed rip-off of Golden Earring's Radar Love (without the monster chorus of the original). Poisonous Ink Clouds sounds like (at least parts of it do) Deep Purple, and Black Flamingos is Black Sabbath (the song, specifically) redux.

So, what about the other two songs that aren't weak rehashings of '70s hard rock? Throwaways. Which is exactly what I'd like to do with this CD, but since it's not mine I can't. Thanks, gullbuy; here's your CD back.

---Peter Ledebur, February 10, 2004