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March 5, 2002

  • linked to a full review of The Avalanches

    The Avalanches

    CD / At Last Alone / Toys Factory (Japan)

    Ffive remixes of tracks from 2001's Since I Left You, three unreleased tracks from 1997, and a B-side.
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  • linked to a full review of The Buff Medways

    The Buff Medways

    CD / This Is This / Vinyl Japan

    Evident on this album again is Childish's freakish guitar ingenuity, reverb drenched and vivid enough to make the best tracks sound like they're inventing the entire genre.
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  • inked to a full review of Dntel


    CD / Life Is Full Of Possibilities / Plug Research

    Dntel (pronounced 'dental') is LA electronica artist Jimmy Tamborello. Jimmy is also a amember of the band Figurine. 'Life Is Full Of Possibilities' is his third full length as Dntel.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • inked to a full review of Faust


    CD5 / Ravvivando Remix: Dave Ball (Soft Cell) & Ingo Vauk / Klangbad

    In the early 70's, Faust was already in the 00's. Their mischievous noodlings and prankster electronic rock was almost a genre unto itself. Now, David Ball remixes a Faust song three different ways and what strikes me the most is this; it's almost sounds outdated.

    [read more] ---Brian

  • inked to a full review of The Panics

    The Panics

    CD / I Wanna Kill My Mom!!! / Gulcher

    Rather obscure (high school-age) Hoosier punks, only in existence for a year or so (circa 1980), whose recorded output prior to this 2001 collection consisted of one 3-song 7inch and one compilation album track.
    [read more] ---Peter

  • inked to a full review of Red Snerts

    Red Snerts

    CD / various / Gulcher

    Remember back a little over 20 years ago when the New Wave was happenin' and it was actually kinda diverse? Power pop, ska, synth pop, punk, reggae and more could all comfortably fit under that one banner.
    [read more] ---Peter

  • inked to a full review of GoGoGoAirHeart


    7inch / 'Real Live Kill' b-w 'Ripe From the Vine' / GSL

    GoGoGoAirHeart are a band from San Diego with three LPs and five years of history. The feel is musically like The Clash's 'Magnificent Seven' with vocals styled after The Make Up.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • inked to a full review of The Hacker

    The Hacker

    CD / various / The Next Step of New Wave: an electrowave mix / Human

    'The Hacker: The Next Step of New Wave' was released, as the new movement of electro was really growing in popularity. This is the 6th CD release on Human, a subdivision of Uwe out of Paris. Uwe started in 1997 as an industrial/hardcore electronic label, but the CDs on Human seem more varied: drum n bass, jungle, house, and old and new electro.
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  • inked to a full review of Immediate Pleasure

    Immediate Pleasure

    2xCD / various / Castle Music

    Includes many acts such as The Small Faces, Chris Farlowe, The Nice, Humble Pie, P.P. Arnold, Amen Corner, The McCoys, Rod Stewart (in his early days), Duncan Browne and Billy Nicholls.
    [read more] ---Patrick

  • inked to a full review of Instant Karma

    Instant Karma

    CD / various / Castle Music

    Instant Karma, a short-lived (matter of months really) subsidiary of Immediate Records, is an excellent, over-looked bag of gems - and finally is brought out of the shadows of its mother label with this proper compilation.
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  • inked to a full review of The Wake

    The Wake

    CD / Here Comes Everybody / LTM

    The Wake are, without a doubt, one of the most underrated Factory bands. Perhaps, now with James Nice's Les Temps Modernes label reissuing all their material to date on CD with bonus tracks, they can be properly evaluated as one of the greatest post-punk bands of the early eighties.
    [read more] ---George