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Hiao Hiao Hiao Records


SolenoidSolenoid is Portland's IDM/electro maestro David Chandler (a.k.a. Office Products, Space Shrimp, and Negativland). This is the third release on the Bent Crayon label Hiao Hiao Hiao.

This four-song remix 12-inch is a fine example of the three D's of modern electro: dark, dirty, and danceable.

Similar to Le Car, G.D. Luxxe, and I-F, Solenoid uses deep, vocoder male vocals on 'Narcissist' that work really well with the funky electro beats.

Honestly, I wouldn't have known about this 12-inch if it weren't for the remix by Detroit's ADULT. Even though New York's Dave Chromatix and Chicago's Salvo Beta definitely contribute strong versions of Solenoid's original, the ADULT. remix is my favorite. It gets dirtier and more gratifying by the second! The duo utilize the primary ideas of the original and takes the song to another level, while staying true to its distinctive style.

A must-listen for fans of releases on Gigolo, Clone, Nature, Ersatz Audio, and Viewlexx.


---Teresa, February 5, 2002