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In Loving Memory


Bpitch Control

33 rpm 12inch

ModeselektorModeselektor are Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert, from Berlin. They call themselves PP and RR when they play together as Modeselektor.

Like WMF Records artist Kotoi, Modeselektor like to do live performance. Modeselektor first came into my hands through the remix of 'Nobody' they did for Smash TV. This 12inch has four tracks by them.

4 Cans Coffee starts off the EP in high gear. There is a second layer of skittering beats that dance on top of the ponderous 4/4 beat. The track progresses into a more typical 'Warm Leatherette' (The Normal) groove with a floating synth hovering on top. The track ends in a locked groove, so you'd better be listening close, or you'll come to and realize you've been caught in a loop for some time.

The EP's title track In Loving Memory is almost prog electronics. It is a success, and a track I like a lot. I am reminded of the German group Nektar from the 70s, whose 'Remember The Future' LP is worth finding. In Loving Memory ends in a locked groove of silence.

There is an un credited third track on the end of the A side. You have to place the needle in the groove to start it. The un credited track is just someone talking about Modeselektor's music in a comically exaggerated voice in German, with what sounds like a river running by in the background.

The B side starts with We Do It Too. We Do It Too is instantly catchy, though it doesn't really go anywhere through its six minute length. It has a very dirty electronic sound, kind of like Apparat or Smash TV.

Lago Baikal closes out the EP. Lago Baikal is quiet and unsettling, reminding you of someone testing out a speaker in a repair store, with clicks on electronic connection, and tones. It is held together by a cement synth floating above the proceedings with graceful tone. Lago Baikal could have been on the Apocalypse Now soundtrack instead of The Door's The End for the music when Martin Sheen finally made it up the river and got to see Kurtz.

---Carl, October 8, 2002