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Cubismo Grafico


Buonissimo Remixes




Cubismo GraficoI love Cubismo Grafico. Cubismo Grafico is Gakuji Matsuda from Tokyo. 'Buonissimo Remixes' is has 6 remixes, one new song, and an unidentified bonus track.

Track 1 is a 15 second track (essentially just Chábe whispering the word "buonissimo"). But what follows is my favorite track on this CD. Yukihiro Fukutomi's remix of "Jamaica Song" (#2) is worth the price of admission of this EP. It is my hands down favorite on offer. Its 6:55 length it is just perfect - not a moment too long. Yukihiro Fukutomi also has a 12" on JCR Records, and did the outstanding remix on Jazzanova's 'Reworks From Japan' 12".

I like Boris Godunov's 'Old Fashioned Mix' of "Story Ends" (#3) quite a bit as well. Boris Godunov is a DJ who records for the German label Rouge Pulp. Cubismo Grafico has a new song called "2 Mini Microphones" (#3) featuring DJ Ben and MC Noah. It is a pretty good track. Halfby's 'Solgum 59 remix' of "Moon Is Yours" (#5) gets a bit heavy on the child voice for me, as does MC Paul Barman's mix of "Man From LaFonda" (#6), though neither cut is by any means weak.

The stuff I had heard from Swingset on Bambini Records did not prepare me for the mix they did of "Bate O Coracao" (#7), which almost sounds like Fugu with the lush harmonies and smooth sound. Only Paradise do a remix of the Cubismo Grafico single "Fairytale Of Escape" (#8) that turns the cut into an instrumental club track. Finally, there is an uncredited ninth track that is a pleasing dub with everything you would expect in a reggae dub track, plus a little you wouldn't, like uncontrolled laughing through most of the 4:35 cut.

For me, a new Cubismo Grafico release is always a joy. Until he puts out some new material, this EP will do nicely, particularly the Yukihiro Fukutomi mix.

My faves?: 2,3,7

---Carl, December 18, 2001