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Ana y Jaime


Es Largo el Camino


El Disco Es Cultura


Ana y Jaime CD coverAna Y Jaime were a Colombian brother/sister duo who recorded in the late 60s and have had a number of cd reissues throughout the years like En Su Mejor Momento, 16 Exitos Originales, and Ana Y Jaime & Oscar Golden - Duelo De Estrellas.

They are best known for recording a Spanish language version of Terry Jack's hit Seasons in the Sun (called Estaciones En El Sol), Jeanette's Soy Rebelde (called Tienda El Tiempo), and Francis Lai's Love Story (called Historia De Amor), but those songs are not included here. Es Largo El Camino, instead is a cd compilation on the El Disco Es Cultura label that collects together some obscure sides recorded in the late 60s that have a tense folk rock vibe with Spanish language duet style for the vocals.

The opening Cafe Y Petroleo has an organ led melody which will peak the interest of most 60s music collectors. A nice start to this disc.

The title track, Es Largo El Camino, has some sweet fuzz guitar and a tense building melody.

Nina Nana is a rocking piece of fun with vocals that are spit out as fast as they can come. It's too bad the song doesn't kick into a faster rock than it does. Nice fuzz guitar though.

Este Viento and Hombre Formal sound like they were recorded at a different time than the preceding songs which makes me wonder if this was truly an original album. Horns and some buried strings have been added to the mix which makes the fuzz guitar missed. Vocals and melody on Hombre Formal are stronger.

The organ led sound is back on Dispersos and Dale Tu Mano Al Indio, both upbeat but more subtle tunes which have some fine background vocals and organ swells. Dispersos works a little better.

A Las Seis (Cuantos Momentos) is one of the nicest moments on the disc, as Ana Y Jaime get a sweeter bossa inspired sound. Ricardo Semillas continues the fine bossa folk inspired sound, this time with acoustic guitar the only instrument accompanying the duo for a sweetly inspired ending to this compilation. It's a shame some of their covers couldn't be included as well.

---Patrick, September 27, 2005