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The Best of Easy Tune


The Best of Easy Tune


Art Union Records

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The Best of Easy Tune CD coverIt is incredible to think that such smooth, contemporary music came out in the mid-90s. This collection came out in 1996. Basically it is an early Arling & Cameron collection, and that surely is a good thing!

The Best of Easy Tune culls tracks from the Drive In Presents EPs that came out on Drive In Records in Holland. Art Union is a Japanese label. The original EPs have been impossible to find for years. Even this CD is hard to find. Art Union really packaged this CD nicely, with an onion skin cover over the actual cover.

The songs are all ace. There are plenty of tracks you might miss if you know the original EPs (where is Jerold Crews' Medium-sized?), but there are plenty of jewels to uncover in this set.

If you liked Arling & Cameron and can find this CD at a reasonable price, buying it is a no brainer. It is that good!

---Carl, August 9, 2005