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Savas Pascalidis


Disko Vietnam


International DeeJay Gigolo Records


Savas Pascalidis CD coverDisko Vietnam is the second record by French techno artist Savas Pascalidis on DJ Hell's International DeeJay Gigolo Records.

There is very little change in sound since his 2003 Galactic Gigolo full length.

The disc starts off with Raw Mission, which is also on the International DeeJay Gigolos CD Eight compilation. The track is a good start to Disko Vietnam.

Move Your Body has vocals bySavas Pascalidis, as do U Can Do It If U Dance and I Turn U On. Heartbreaker has guest vocals by L.B. Bad .Though I love the music on Heartbreaker, I don't really like the tough guy vocals, which sound a bit like Bpitch Control artist Kiki. My favorite of the vocal tracks is U Can Do It If U Dance.

Saigon Nightmare is my fave track on the record. It sounds really great when played loud on a good stereo. The synth has a Thomas Dolby feel, though not as much of one as the title track, which could be an acid house version of him.

The title track Disko Vietnam has a synth melody only slightly removed from the synth melody hook of She Blinded Me With Science, which Savas kind of covered on his Galactic Gigolo record on the track She Blinded Me With Sciene.

Several of the tracks have an acid house sound, with heavy 4/4 beat and tweaked synth settings. One of the tracks is even named Acid Cock, so you know he knows what sound he is creating. If you love acid house, Paranoia and Walk the Night will be your faves.

The disc closes with Vanishing Point. It joins The Formula and Revolution as tracks that are perfectly OK, but don't grab me particularly.

Disko Vietnam is not a crucial record. It is an OK disc, reminding me of the many Depth Charge discs I own, which I like, but never seem to pull from my stacks too much after their initial newness wears off.

---Carl, April 19, 2005