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In Flagranti


Just Gazing


Kill the DJ Records


In Flagranti 12inch coverJust Gazing is the second release by In Flagranti which takes the track Just Gazing from their first 12 inch Day In Day Out (released on Codek Records) and adds three new remixes of that song. Just Gazing was also a track spotlighted on the How To Kill The DJ [Part One] compilation. From the looks of it, Kill The DJ Records (which is a sublabel of Tigersushi) liked the track so much, they decided to re-release it with the added extra of one remix by Ed Laliq and two remixes by Robag Wruhme.

The first mix which starts out the 12 inch has only the backing vocals, and an emphasis on the bass heavy disco punk dub bassline and rhythm. It has that Kill The DJ sound. It's mainly instrumental. It's the version used on the How To Kill The DJ [Part One] compilation.

Ed Laliq has a handful of vinyl releases on the High Society label. His Just Gazing remix retains the Clash style lead vocal (and it is the only remix that has this lead vocal), and has a more handclap styled rhythm, with less emphasis on the Tones on Tail-like bassline. For those looking for a proper song, this is the remix for you.

There are two mixes on the second side of the 12 inch by Robag Wruhme (aka Gabor Schablitzki) whose recent Wuzzelbud "KK" CD on Musik Krause was a highlight release from 2004. Wruhme is one half of the Wighnomy Brothers. Wruhme also has remixes on the Triple R - Friends compilation on Kompakt (Metaboman's Easy Woman) and the 2 cd Five Years Of Poker Flat Recordings Volume Three on Poker Flat Recordings (Märtini Brös.'s Love The Machine). Fittingly, the two mixes he has here are called Robag Wruhme's Wighnomy Brothers Remix and Robag Wruhme's Secondary Wighnomy Brothers Remix - the Joakim edit (Joakim Bouaziz also supplied an edit of Severed Heads' Dead Eyes Opened on How To Kill The DJ [Exhibit B]).

The two mixes are different enough from each other. The Robag Wruhme's Wighnomy Brothers Remix removes just about all of the original song, except for tidbits of vocals which are put through a dub echo glitch slicer. A throbbing electronic bassline is used in place of the disco punk bassline, and all sorts of glitch dub effects enter into the rhythm scheme. The throbbing bassline is constant for the most part, every once in awhile falling away for a subtle female vocal sample, only to throb back to life. It's my favorite mix here.

Robag Wruhme's Secondary Wighnomy Brothers Remix - the Joakim edit is a minimal techno edit with soaring synths and glitchy rhythm and even less of the original track than the other Robag Wruhme remix. The vocals are dubbed and echoed even more, often losing themselves in the squelching rhythm or as the squelching rhythm.

---Patrick, April 19, 2005