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Luaka Bop Remix


Luaka Bop Remix


Luaka Bop

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Luaka Bop Remix CD coverThis compilation of Lauka Bop artists remixed by others is a great buy - the disc has a super low price, and many quality tunes.

There are two mixes of Clinton's Buttoned Down Disco. Clinton is the post-Cornershop band formed by Tjinder Singh. Fila Brazilia and Scratch Perverts both do a nice job with the track, though I prefer the Fila Brazilia version. The female Indian styled vocals are worked well into both mixes.

Carl Craig's mix of Zap Mama's Bandy Bandy has all the charms that made his mix of Cesaria Evora's Angola such a treat on Club Sodade.

The One Rascal mix of Shuggie Otis' Strawberry Letter 23 is sublime - a dreamer's highlight on the disc.

Luaka Bop has put out many releases, with an emphasis on World Music. You may not have heard any of them, and this collection is a great place to start. I have really enjoyed spending time with this disc.

---Carl, October 18, 2005