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Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls


Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls


Ace Records

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Boy Trouble CD coverUK reissue label Ace Records follows up the Beach Party - Garpax Surf'n'Drag compilation of surf and hot rod music recorded by 1960s producer Gary Paxton (who was in the The Hollywood Argyles best known for the hit Alley Oop along with Kim Fowley and Sandy Nelson) with a second volume of Gary Paxton produced girl group/girl singer music called Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls.

Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls features such unknowns as The Rev-Lons, Mary Saenz, Beverly Williams, Sandi Shore, Diana Dawn, The Fashionettes, Beatrice Kay, Doris Webb, Mary Saxton, Darlene McKinney, and Janice Paxton. The various sides by these girls were either released on Paxton's Garpax and Star-Burst labels or left in the vaults and unreleased until this day.

While any girl group collector - especially those who may have enjoyed the Bob Keene's Del-Fi Girl Groups: Gee Baby Gee or Let's Go: Joe Meek's Girls compilations - will enjoy this dig into the vaults, overall the compilation is weighed down by half with mediocre and second rate girl group and girl singers. If you love to dig though, 13 out of the 26 tracks are good girl group tracks worth checking out. In the end this does make sense considering only 8 tracks were previously released out of the total of 26 tracks. It's a worthy compilation if only for the lost sides of the singer Beverly Williams and the girl group The Rev-Lons.

The highlights definitely lean towards The Rev-Lons (the most famous of the lot here best known for the infectious After Last Night - not included here but can be found on the 60's Girl Groups compilation on Warner Brothers from 1998) and Beverly Williams. The Rev-Lons recorded the title track Boy Trouble which was also recorded by The Sharades and is featured on the Let's Go: Joe Meek's Girls.

The Rev-Lons' Whirlwind is a fun Heatwave sound-a-like and I Can't Forget About You is a tasty group vocal; while How Can You Keep From Loving A Boy Like That has some nice call and response. For those who feel The Rev-Lons' After Last Night is one of the great lost girl group gems, it's nice to hear more by this group.

Beverly Williams is a real gem on this compilation. She's best known for the Gary Usher produced/Stu Phillips arranged He's Hurtin' Me which is not included here. The tracks included here add to this mysterious singer's (who was the stepdaughter of Gary Paxton's associate Kenneth Johnson) canon of work quite alluringly. From Beverly Williams' sweet soul take on The Beatles' Till There Was You to her endearing version of One Way Street, girl singer collector's will want more. Well there is more, like the treat that is the Lesley Gore sound-a-like Dutch Treat and her telling rendition of Goffin/King's Road To Nowhere.

---Patrick, October 12, 2004