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LCD Soundsystem


'Give It Up' b-w 'Tired'




LCD SoundsystemLCD Soundsystem is James Murphy, the co-founder of Brooklyn's DFA Records.

Brooklyn has been a buzz place for some time now, and DFA has been at the head of that buzz with artists such as The Rapture and The Juan Maclean. James Murphy's 'DFA mix' of Le Tigre's Decepticon even make onto Tiga's DJ Kicks compilation.

Other underground electronic labels are starting to pop out of the same area, including the wonderful Red Antenna label, home to many new artists including Candy Chang. On the Red Antenna compilation 'The New Electric Policy 2' there is even a Juan Maclean track (By the Time I Get to Venus).

Give It Up is an immediate track that is very likable. It has a rock solid bass line which lights up the grooves like a Playgroup record, and the kind of 80's punk/funk groove that A Certain Ratio used on Shack Up. The drum is go-go tight, the guitar chugga chuggas with a muted strum, and the energy level is high. James Murphy's vocals are the only element that may draw mixed reactions. In the finest rock tradition, his voice is technically weak, relying on the passion/energy of the delivery to make the squawk succeed.

The Playgroup comparison I gave above is especially appropriate as Trevor Jackson (Playgroup) has released this single on his label Output Records for the UK.

Another relevant comparison would be The Contortions. The rhythm section of Give It Up reminds me of the song I Don't Want To Be Happy from the 1979 'Buy The Contortions' LP.

The B-side is a noisy live song called Tired that reminds me of The Stooges on the 'Funhouse' LP (or Julian Cope's Brain Donor project). On Tired James Murphy is joined by Pat Mahoney (on drums). Pat has previously played in Girl Upstairs and Driver.

Tired has lots of tortured vocals, flanged guitar and a superhard beat. Ultimately it is not very effective. To me this single is practically a one sided affair.

LCD Soundsystem may become huge when he puts out a full length. James Murphy stands to gain the benefits of all the promotion his label has gotten through The Rapture. All I have heard by LCD Soundsystem is this single and the Losing My Edge 12inch. Thought that is not much to base an opinion on, I think any attention LCD Soundsystem get will be well deserved.

---Carl, March 18, 2003