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Electric Six


Danger! High Voltage


XL Recordings


Image: Electric SixElectric Six are a five piece band from Detroit. This is their debut release.

In the UK it was released as two CD singles. The first has three separate songs, the second has three mixes of Danger! High Voltage. In the US the EP has been released as a four song CD single with two of the remixes from CD2 (Soulchild radio mix and Thin White Duke remix by Jacques Lu Cont) and the second and third song from CD1.

I have the UK release CD1 in my hands. CD1 has the original version of Danger! High Voltage plus two other songs. The first song is recorded and produced by Jack Diamond, who has produced many of the finest Detroit bands, including Detroit Cobras, The Come Ons, and The White Stripes. The other two tracks are recorded by Al Sutton.

There have been rumors that the second vocalist on Danger! High Voltage is Jack White of The White Stripes. The second vocal sounds like him, but is credited to John S. O'Leary. The Electric Six site states that he is "a Cleveland area mechanic. Mr. O'Leary has a family and a nine-to-five job in Cleveland. So no, he won't be going on tour with E6 at any point in the near or distant future."

The main vocal on Danger! High Voltage emotes like Meat Loaf. Danger! High Voltage is a strong song with neat lyrics and plenty of hooks. "Fire in the disco, fire in the Taco Bell. Fire in the disco, fire in the gates of hell. Don't you wanna know how the kids starting fires, it's my desire, it's my desire. Danger! High Voltage when we touch , when we kiss."

There is a sax passage in Danger! High Voltage that could remind you of either James Chance, X-Ray Spex, or The Psychedelic Furs. If you lived in Boston in the 80s it would remind you of any of the Richie Parson bands (Unnatural Axe, Future Dads, The Gremies, etc.) that used his brother Moose on sax.

The second song is I Lost Control (of my Rock & Roll). It sounds like a 1980 UK band called Punishment of Luxury (sometimes called PuniLux). The music shows influence from the Iggy Pop song New Values (hand claps and riffing) and Nirvana (power chord bridge).

The third song is Remote Control (me). This one sounds a bit like the Lynryd Skynryd song The Needle and The Spoon from the Second Helping LP. At one point vocalist Dick Valentine gives a heavy metal scream that fits in just fine.

Electric Six have made a great entrance with this set of EPs. They are currently riding the UK wave of interest in US bands. If E6 come out with a strong LP they could be huge in no time. Their sound combines so many things that they could end up on alternative radio stations anywhere. Their sound is guitar based, hard and heavy, and they are fronted by a wacky vocalist that you will probably love or hate.

---Carl, Febraury 11, 2003