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Sweets, Glams & Glitter Rocks (Hot & Slow series)




Sweet CD coverWith the band Darkness making waves, now is the time to reacquaint yourself with the classic glam band Sweet.

Known exclusively on oldies stations for Little Willy, Fox On the Run, Ballroom Blitz and Love Is Like Oxygen (none of which are on this comp), Sweet have been cheated from their due respect.

Sweet was a 4 piece rock and roll unit just about halfway between Queen and Slade. Sweet released four studio albums.

  • 1974 'Sweet Fanny Adams' with the hit Little Willy
  • 1974 'Desolation Boulevard' with the hits Fox On the Run and Ballroom Blitz
  • 1976 'Give Us a Wink'
  • 1977 'Off The Record'

Sweet were managed by Chinn and Chapman, the same two that ran the career of Suzi Quatro. Sweet were different than other Chinnichap bands in that they wrote most of the songs themselves.

'Sweets, Glams & Glitter Rocks' is a German import compilation of Sweet tracks spanning their whole career. It came out in 2000 and was a follow up to a best of comp called 'Originals.' There are no "nth album" overblown tracks, just 16 solid choices to introduce you to Sweet.

All the tracks are Sweet originals unless noted. Sweet wrote together as a group. They were Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott and Mick Tucker.

  1. Lost Angels A strutting track that has strong overtures of Queen in the high pitched background vocals.
  2. Fever of Love
  3. Turn It Down Written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman
  4. Heartbreak Today A good song with the same kind of feel as Lost Angels
  5. The Lies in your Eyes Starts off with chords like Teenage Wasteland, but becoming completely Sweet very quickly.
  6. Action My favorite Sweet song ever, and the version from the single no less.
  7. The Six Teens Written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. I like this one a lot. A song like this makes you think that the involvement of these two guy in Sweet wasn't such a bad thing.
  8. Burn on the flame the term cock-rock was invented for songs that strut like this one.
  9. Midnight to Daylight
  10. My Generation A cover of The Who song written by Pete Townshend. I had never heard Sweet's version, and it is pretty good.
  11. Laura Lee
  12. Rebel Rouser
  13. Lady Starlight A soft song that shows another side of Sweet more like Brett Smiley or Ian Hunter than Slade.
  14. Solid Gold Brass
  15. White Mice
  16. Windy City

---Carl, December 9, 2003