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Anders Ilar






Anders Ilar 12inch coverAnders Ilar could be Shitkatapult's artist with the largest potential appeal. His 'Everdom' full length remains a joy to listen to a half year after it was released.

'Everdom' crossed the line between the headphone music of the electronica era and the abrasive square wave tones of T. Raumschmiere better than any other disc I can think of at the moment.

The new Anders Ilar 12inch has three songs that pound a little harder than the tracks on 'Everdom' while maintaining his distinct sound of instrumental spacy unsettlement.

Hydro starts off the 12inch with a fast insistent beat that continues throughout the track. Textures contrast the beat by floating above, and bass tones remind me of early Factory records bands as they rattle around the foundation of the cut.

On the flip side, Mouthdry has a steady beat, but it pulses more like an internal organ than a dance floor beast. There are glitch defect sounds like on old Pole records, and the shimmers that rise out of the prominent beat sound like mental nursery rhymes from a head swaying captive of the sound. Like the best ride on a calliope, Mouthdry goes nowhere, but is a fun ride all the way till it stops.

Moth has electronic sounds that make me think of water dripping and splashing into a sink. In the background is a menacing overtone kind of like something Monolake might record, or like background music in one of the Flash films of Eric Jordan. Things seem to be moving in slow motion even though the beat is as fast as any other track on the 12inch.

Anders Ilar has made another engaging record. If you have heard any of his earlier work and enjoyed it, you will not be disappointed by one moment of 'Hydro,' and none of these tracks appear anywhere else, so buy with confidence.

---Carl, December 9, 2003