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Bar de Lune Studio Sessions


Bar de Lune Studio Sessions


Bar de Lune

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Bar de Lune Studio Sessions CD coverWith a first song that starts off astounding like the Fantastic Plastic Machine cut City Lights, I instantly liked this CD.

I was not sure what this disc WOULD sound like. I only knew one of the artists (Christophe Goze) and recognized the label name from many of the snazzy downtempo 'chillout' comps they have released.

'Bar de Lune Studio Sessions' is a budget priced compilation designed to introduce us to 12inch singles the label are releasing, and upcoming projects. It is not a mixed comp - the songs appear as separate entities. As far as I am concerned it is a solid purchase for anyone who enjoys chillout comps.

  1. Fragile State Every Day a Story (4 Hero Electric Fusion Remix) An instrumental that reminds me of the FPM song City Lights. I like this just fine!
  2. Mettle Music Capture (Chris Lum's Frisky Remix) Female vocal track that really starts the compilation soaring.
  3. Dust Where You Wanna Be (Roots Manuva Remix) I didn't like this track until I had listened to the record quite a bit. I don't know that means i became brainwashed, or the songs natural charms finally sunk in. the problem I had with it was the rap-like nature of the song, except for the chorus.
  4. Al-pha X Mi Corazon (Patife Madzoo Sessions Mix) Parts of the track sound like Bollywood music (the female vocals), and the cornet sounds like De-Phazz. I like this one throughout.
  5. Dust High (Gus Gus Remix) Now this is interesting - I did not realize that High was performed by the same band I didn't like on song 3. High reminds me of Colder - both music and vocals. It is a very fine track, and you have a lot of time to enjoy it, as it is 7:43 long! Some sharp electronics are on this song that make it seem more like a slowed down Electro song than a chill out tune.
  6. Radar Running Away (Original Mix) Fits in well with the Dust track before it. Very mysterious and epic sounding. Again, I like it a lot. As unlikely as it would seem, I am reminded of the Joy Division song Passover in the music, if Joy division loved life more and took a musical trip down the silk road (this song has exotic touches that make me think of ancient Asian music).
  7. Al-pha X Rain (Original Mix) A breathy female vocal track that is classic chill out - take that as a warning or an endorsement based on your own particular taste. I like the other songs on this comp better. The song has an overblown feel like a title song for a James Bond film.
  8. The Egg Venice Beach (Original Mix) Venice Beach keeps us floating on whatever cloud the last song brought us to, but I can stay on this puff, as there are no vocals - I can make my own interpretation of the music. This is another great cut!
  9. Fragile State Panacea (Jimpster Remix) An instrumental with a sharp drum sound. The sequencing on this comp is very well done. This track fits in well with the one before, yet offers enough change to keep things interesting.
  10. Christophe Goze Barcelona (Faze Action Remix) I enjoyed his 2002 'Show Me The Way' full length on Bar de Lune. It was the first record I had ever seen on the label by a single artist. Faze Action bring a bit of a disco touch to his sophisticated world music sound.
  11. Mettle Music Better Days (Deep Mix) I don't like this one as much as the other Mettle Music track. It does have a nice disco beat I enjoy and it does have nice percussion, but the female vocal sounds like generic chillfare to me. I guess I could say I like the track except for the vocal, but the vocal is all over the track.
  12. The Egg Lost at Sea (Original Mix) Lost at Sea has the same type of feel as the other track they have on this comp. Choosing them to close out this set is a good move. The Egg have an incredibly full, satisfying sound. Rich!

---Carl, December 9, 2003