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DJs Collapse


'Jawfunk' b/w 'Shinbone'




DJs Collapse 12inch coverDJs collapse is Matthew Herbert, Andi Toma, and Jan St. Werner. In other words, we have a collaboration between Mouse On Mars and Herbert!

Soundlike Records is a subsidiary of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records, and has released records by Soft Pink Truth and 8doogymoto.

After a brief intro, Jawfunk starts with a bass riff straight out of David Essex Rock On. A repeated "ooh" background vocal follows the track, and a huge bass riff blasts the song along. There are segments of electronic noises, and parts that sound like Sigfried and Roy's Tigers roaring. A ragtime piano kind of like Elton John's Honky Cat appears and somehow fits perfectly in the mix. Jawfunk is a 4:50 track that fits into the Soundslike mold as defined by releases by Soft Pink Truth.

Shinbone is a 6:25 track that starts with what sounds like someone playing the spoons (as Old Time artists used to). A guitar riff that sounds either hillbilly or 50s provides counterpoint to another electronic track with strange segments and fat rhythmic breaks.

A fair amount of sound manipulation is performed on the ingredients during the odd segments. There is a choral vocal that sounds like a call to revelation during The Age Of Aquarius. I like that part best in the track.

Shinbone will sound like a washing machine running to fans of The Fifth Dimension, Elton John, or Old Time music, but to fans of post big-beat disco punk, both cuts on this 12inch sound completely fine, though not crucial to run out and buy.

---Carl, November 4, 2003