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Printed Circuit




Catmobile Records


Printed CircuitsRemixes of the fine works of Claire (Printed Circuit) from Scotland. Remixers are Frederik Schikowski, Random Number, James Figurine, GNG, The Mathematics, Lesser, I Am Robot and Proud, Transistor Six, CK Dexter Haven, and Fingernail.

I Am Robot And Proud have a new CD on Claire's label Catmobile Records, called 'The Catch'. Of the remixers, the only one whose material I have previously enjoyed is Transistor Six. They are a Japanese band who released a one-sided LP here in the US on Blackbean and Placenta.

Random Number's mix of "Oh, To Be A Mechanical Man" (#2) is the first of my favorites. Their mix has the same type of sound I loved on the Static Caravan 7" by Cathode: a sweeping undercurrent synth line contrasted by an upfront layer with moments of digital silence between sharp edges of sound. Very dramatic!

The Mathematics version of "Chevron" (#5) is my favorite cut on the disc. The melody of the tune reminds me of Human League's "Seconds" (about the JFK assassination) from the 'Dare' album. I normally don't like vocoder vocals, but in this track they are set against a normal voice and I like them very much.

Transistor Six make "A.I. (Old Oak Tree)" (#8) into an roller rink song for skating in liquid. The sound of various birds and the lyric "under the shadow of the old oak tree" bring the focus back to land, but a strange land like The Hunt in Clive Barker's book 'Coldheart Canyon'. I like the mood of the track and the way it is bouncy even as it is relaxing.

I also like French band GNG's remix of "Gimme Aibo" (#4). It keeps reminding me of the song "Jimmy Igo" from the 12" by The Last Men (a NYC band on Zé Records from the late 70's).

These are my four favorites. Each cut has its own sound. Your faves may very well be completely different. Printed Circuit's original material is great source material. It falls on the edges of several genres but never completely into a single niche. It is too bouncy and playful for IDM, hides the 4/4 beat too much for electro, and doesn't have enough vocals for pop.

Each of the artists doing the remixes shape the songs into their particular vision, making this CD a fun listen with a couple of tracks that will appeal to almost any taste.

---Carl, December 18, 2001