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Golden Boy with Miss Kittin




Ladomat 2000


Golden BoyGolden Boy is Stefan Altenburger, from Hamburg. He wrote and produced all the tracks on this CD, except for 3 cuts with lyrics by Caroline Hervé (Miss Kittin), and one song (#3) written by Dominique Grandjean.

The songs with collaborators have vocals (though the third Miss Kittin song has only the briefest whispers in the beginning), the rest of the cuts are clean electronic instrumentals with beats.

I like this record a lot, and I LOVE Autopilot (#1) and Rippin Kittin (#5), the 2 songs which Miss Kittin sings on. Dominique Grandjean's song Campari Soda (#3) has male vocoder vocals and music that reminds me a lot of Andreas Dorau (bubbly, upbeat, thoroughly electronic).

The Golden Boy sound is completely electronic with house like beats without dancefloor like repetition, instead focusing on melody. His use of Miss Kittin is very interesting, as she specializes in a bored deadpan that make's Sarah Nixley (Black Box Recorder) sound positively excited.

On this disc Golden Boy has gotten Miss Kittin (or Caro, as he calls her) to actually sing, complete with an attempt to ape an American house vocalist accent. As odd as this sounds, I completely assure you that if you are a Miss Kittin fan (and you WILL be when the Miss Kittin & the Hacker full length comes out in a few weeks) you need to hear the 2 tracks she sings on. If you want to get technical she sings on 3 tracks, but the third track just starts with a whispered poem she wrote that ends and finishes her contribution to the track. Kopfstand (#10) is not a bad cut by any means, its just that a brief monologue at the start of a ten minute song does not make it a Miss Kittin track to me.

---Carl, November 6, 2001