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KanadaKanada are a 5 piece band from Iceland that play gigs and are friends with with Mum. However, the two bands have very little in common musically.

While Mum write contemplative watch-precision crafted electronic pieces structured with the random perfection of a snowflake, Kanada are a circus like juggernaut that remind me of Elektrotwist on some songs, and Der Plan on others.

The record starts off with a surf-like instrumental called La Go that reminds me of the first Spoozys single Surf Devo (which they have never topped since).

Dear Ragnheidur (#2) is a lot like the wonderful Russian band Messer Chups. It has a roller rink styled organ and lots of animal sounds.

My favorite song on the disc is Nitro (#3). It starts off with a few chords that seem to sound like Neil Young Like A Hurricane, then blasts out with traditional instruments and electronics playing driving and dissonant music like the finest cuts on Helgoland's 'Media Music" CD.

Arkitektur (#7) has music that sounds a little like the Mission Impossible theme, but with a big meaty bass and a voice speaking the song title.

Tommy Lee (#8) reminds me of the Boston band Concussion Ensemble. Counterpoint (#10) is a fun song to listen to with all the sampled elements in it.

Some of the cuts on the CD don't seem as fleshed out (ideas wise) as others, but I would still rather own this disc than not. And I certainly can't wait to hear what they do next.

---Carl, October 30, 2001