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Dada Munchamonkey


Outside Time


Exist Dance


Dada MunchamonkeyDada Munchamonkey is the new project formed by Eddie Ruscha. Eddie used to play bass in the LA band Medicine, who put out several great records in the early 90s and brought Brad Laner to a high visibility.

As Dada Munchamonkey Eddie records electronic music with samples and funky beats, kind of like fellow LA artists Seksu Roba.

This 12" has 3 remixes. The A-side is a remix of the song "Outside Time" by Funky Robots. The cut is a 'Planet Rock' styled electronic instrumental.

The B-side starts off with the DJ Me, DJ You remix of "Space Cat". It is a groove piece that reminds me of both the Undisputed Truth song "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" and dub reggae in the organ, bass, and rhytym, and dub reggae in the organ. It is not as hectic as most DJ ME, DJ You pieces, but it does make you move.

The second track is "Not Not", remixed by DJ Sasha Crnobrnja. It has many things happening in it including a trombone and samples of children. My fave track is "Space Cat".

The 12" is not anything spectacular, though I will keep an eye out for any new releases Dada Munchamonkey put out. I loved Eddie Ruscha in Medicine, and hope he can take this new project to a higher level.

Eddie is the son of 60's artist Ed Ruscha. Ed Ruscha's work used everyday architectural elements or objects which he treated to his clean layouts, giving the finished pieces a pop art look that remains modern as we enter 2002.

---Carl, October 30, 2001