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Lee Perry reviewed in the gullbuyThis new label still has an unstoppable track record with its releases. With only 4 CDs (King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, the Revolutionaries, and Lee Perry) and two 10"s (Lee Perry, and The Aggravators) under its belt Jamaican Recordings has marked itself as one of the very best reggae labels in less than a year.

This CD compiles rare and unreleased dubs from 1971 - 1974. For familiar you can listen to "Three Blind Dub" (a dub version of the children's song - also used by the Three Stooges). For unfamiliar all you need to do is close your eyes and let the bass and echoing reverb penetrate your mind on any of the other tracks. The cut "Perry's Jump Up" (#4) has a lot of energy in it. You could almost say it rocks.

"Good Will Dub" is the only vocal song on the CD. It is an upbeat cut that has hopeful words in a tune that could place it on one of the recent Jamaican Soul compilations like Soul Jazz's 'Studio One Soul' or Blood & Fire's 'Darker Than Blue.'

"Kotch Up Dub" (#12) sounds just offbeat and different enough that it keeps your ear and mind engaged throughout. "Funky Dub" (#13) is not one of my personal favorites (too conventional and straightforward), but has to be mentioned because it is so darned 'funky' and has energy to burn. The final of my faves is "One Drop Rockers" (#14). It is a version of a song that Bob Marley recorded with The Wailers. It has everything I love about a good dub in it.

Listening to the sharp transitions and mixing effects Lee Perry worked with I am reminded of everything from the pop of Stereo Total to the glitch tech artists, and how indebted all of us are to the sounds of Jamaican dub from the seventies.

---Carl, October 23, 2001