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Mum reviewed in the gullbuy 4 songs from Múm's debut CD 'Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK' are remixed by a series of Icelandic and European artists.

All 4 songs from the 'Múm Remixed' 12inch with the similar sleeve are here on the CD, which really let me down, as there was no indication that the tracks would appear on an upcoming CD when the 12inch was released last month.

It is unfair to us consumers who will shell out cash for this CD because we love the band. Frankly, I can't wait for Múm's Fat Cat CD. I was not overly thrilled by the recent Morr Music remix CD and I am not thrilled by this disc. I love Múm themselves. I don't need artists I don't like as much as Múm reinterpreting songs I love the original versions of.

On the plus side, I had never heard any of the Icelandic artists who did these remixes. Maybe some of them will go on to release strong records of their own. The Icelandic artists are Bix, Ruxpin (who do 2 remixes), Ilo, Traktor, and Biogen.

The Bix and Traktor remixes were on the earlier 12". There are also the 2 µ-Zig remixes that were on the 12", plus a mix by the Glasgow band El Hombre Trajeado, whose records I have enjoyed greatly in the past.

My two favorites on the disc are the Traktor mix of "Smell Memory" (#4) from the 12" and the second Ruxpin remix of "The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records" (#7).

To put this disc in perspective, if you are already a fan and have the cash to spare I would buy this disc after the Morr Music CD (which at least has 2 new Múm songs). If you do not own ANY Múm I would recommend getting the "Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK" CD or the 12" from it, "The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records". THEY are classy stuff...

---Carl, October 23, 2001